ETEC (Egyptian Trading & Engendering Co. was founded in 1999

ETEC is an independant company focusing in the field of trading and engineering, we represent a number of foreign firms and companies operating in the Egyptian market as well as in MENA region.

Our mission is to combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best insurance value for consumers.

Our vision is to work as a reliable and responsible firm for all our clients segments with the supplied products and foriegn agencies.

Satisfied Customers
Successful Deals

Work Principles

1- Providing the market with effective packages from Europe, Asia, and American supplies of products and services through our extensive agents

2- Appointing our foreign principles for specific and urgent demands for clients

3- Set marketing and sales plans to promote products in the egyptian market

4- Pursuing status development and follow up during tendering and contract negotiations

5- Extending our assistance to suppliers to establish joint ventures in the egyptian market

6- Provide all available documents and data in relation to the projects

Project data & documents
Service agents
Product development
Supplier's network